Over 40 Residential projects we have designed and built, varied from renovating an existing villa to designing it from scratch. Though we are often tied to the surrounding architecture that we must respect and Compounds/city regulations we must follow, we believe that a building should have its own identity and a statement that makes it stand out in a crowd using elements and language of the ambient vocabulary. The following are a sample of our projects in this field.


Space interior should reflect the essences of its dwellers characters and values. therefore, it's important to allow them to be part of the designing process from early on of the project development. First meetings are usually the most important, as we listen to the client requirements and objectives, we also must understand their lifestyle, listen to their past experiences, and communicate well verbally and visually. This coherence dialogue allows us to create a space the client feels proud of, comforted in and belong to.


In a working space no matter what kind of business you run in them, it is very valuable to plan energy efficiency improvements from the start. Careful consideration of materials, passive design, and orientation can ensure that we take full advantage of natural surroundings and rely less on heating and cooling systems. This and building an iconic atmosphere that stands as a statement of support and flourishment of the business objectives.


Good food and good customer service are crucial for return business in a restaurant, However the ambience of a restaurant is also important. You want customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their meals. Restaurant design sets the stage for customer’s dining experience. And because We have designed and built more than 10 restaurants and cafes around Cairo, we understand the importance of balancing between a welcoming ambience and maximum seating capacity.


When designing a Landscape of a building we respect the space concept and its original flow, that allow the dwellers and visitors to have a more of a coherent experience. Using the concept of “right planet – right spot” it’s important to study the sun direction, visual attractiveness, and access circulation. Landscape design includes all elements that fall in that area, like Pergolas, swimming pools, sun deck, and services areas, etc.


The main focus in designing a health care facility is the relationship between physicians and patients. In our designs we try to enhance the workflow efficiency and patient safety, as well as patient and team interactions and satisfaction. Its also important to create a mood that add to positive distractions to alleviate patient anxiety making him/her feel comfortable and welcomed.


Gates of residential community or housing estate usually work to strictly control entrances for pedestrians, bicycles, and automobiles. However, one of its important function is to be a Landmark of the area, and an attractive welcoming portal to owners and comers. The architecture of this Gate should always derive its character from the main concept of the inside complexes and work as a statement of what this place stands for.


Nowadays, we find ourselves seeking to serve our client to be part of the design process as much as possible, that we try to make them experience every detail of this outcome before they live it. We use best programs to create this in fastest way possible. These are some of the animations we created for our clients to help them visualize their place.

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