Our designing process starts with a meeting with our clients to first understand all the main requirements, challenges and objectives of their projects.


We offer our client supervision services for their projects with all
works including all services normally associated with technical


Our extended experience allows us to design& build for our clients.


  • Residential
  • Interior
  • Business
  • Restaurants
  • Landscape
  • Medical
  • Gates
  • Animation

lila mousa ( with AOA )

Kattamiah Hights Residence ( With AOA )

Eden Rock Residence ( With AOA)

New Cairo Residence ( With AOA)

Kattamiah Dunes Residence ( With AOA)

Tagamoo Residence

Hurghada Residence

Kattamiah Dunes Residence

Nasr City Residence

Tagamoo Residence

Sherouk Residence

Maadi Residence

Cairo-Alex Road Residence

Palm Hills Residence

Tagamo Private Apartment

Kattamiah Hights Villa ( With AOA )

Flowers Park Private Villa ( With AOA)

New Cairo Private Villa ( With AOA)

Giza Private Duplex ( WITH AOA )

Karma Private Villa

October Private Duplex

Giza Private Apartment

Maadi Private Apartment

Maadi Private Apartment

Palm Hills Private Villa

Giza Private Roof Lounge

Evergreen Private Villa

Juddah Private Apartment

Mashreq Head Office – Down Town

Mall of Arabia Outdoor Outlets ( With AOA )

City Stars Roof Outlets (With AOA )

Mall Of Arabia (with AOA)

Loft 21 ( With AOA)

Kaftan Restaurant (With AOA )

Cairo Capital Club 18th Café ( With AOA )

Nubia Restaurant – 6th October

Amazon Café – 6th October

Kattamiah Hight’s Villa Landscape ( With AOA )

Tagamo Villa Landscape

Flowers Park Villa Landscape ( With AOA )

Evergreen Villa Landscape

Specialized Pedodontic Clinic in 6th October

CSR Mohandeseein

CSR Maadi

Kattamiah Hills Proposed Gate


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